Barry's Bay Dental Hygene Clinic

Your First Visit

Your First Visit

We recommend that all clients have a ‘new client assessment’ on their first visit. This assessment includes:

  • a thorough medical and dental assessment to ensure that dental hygiene treatment will be effective and safe and to allow proper treatment planning
  • oral cancer screening and Oral ID exam to ensure that all oral tissues are normal and healthy
  • plaque and gingival indicies to assess your oral health and home care
  • an odontogram to mark down everything in your mouth and assess the overall condition of your mouth
  • a periodontal assessment to check for gum disease, which has been linked to overall health problems like heart disease, stroke, low birth weight babies, dementia, etc.

After the assessment, there is always something to talk about so we will sit you up and explain everything that we have found. After we will complete your debridement/ teeth cleaning.

Note: The ‘new client assessment’ is only completed on your first visit to the office. From this point, we have a baseline and can track your oral health to ensure that everything stays stable.