Barry's Bay Dental Hygene Clinic



Our most popular services include:

  • begins with an assessment where these areas are considered:
    • oral cancer screening
    • evaluation of gum health
    • assess visible areas of teeth
    • evaluate oral self-care
  • make recommendations for self-care
  • debridement with hand scalers and/or cavitron depending on client preference, degree of difficulty, sensitivity, etc.
  • stain removal by rotary polisher or prophy jet (baking soda sandblaster) depending on heaviness, colour, and tenacity of stain

At the Barry’s Bay Dental Hygiene Clinic we recommend starting each appointment with a head and neck exam followed by an Oral ID assessment. The Oral ID is a blue LED light that uses tissue excitation to make tissue change, more visible than with the naked eye. It is quick and completely painless.

  • take impression of upper teeth and a custom guard is made in-house
  • custom made mouthguards offer protection from injury
  • a comfortable fit that stays in place
  • mouthguards are available in a variety of colours
  • appointments are available year round
  • no extra cost for adjustments
  • mouthguard clinic annually every September where you pay $25.00/guard for a custom proform mouthguard

  • custom home teeth whitening trays
  • custom fit trays hold the concentrated teeth whitening gel on your teeth and prevent swallowing of gel
  • dental impressions are taken of the upper and lower teeth which allows us to make a customized set of whitening trays
  • a take-home kit will be provided with instructions
  • whitening procedure is completed at home over two to four weeks

We now offer mobile service providing dental cleanings to seniors and those living with disabilities in nursing homes and private residences.

Available mobile services include:

  • teeth cleaning
  • stain removal
  • denture cleaning
  • oral cancer screenings
  • desensitizing teeth
  • topical fluoride treatment (cavity prevention)

Traveling to home-bound and institutionalized clients fits into our mission statement. Our goal when seeing these clients would be to provide the best care we can. We realize time constriction, positioning, medical conditions, and comfort play an even larger role in mobile care but we are willing to take it on and do our best.

We currently provide services for the Valley Manor and the Water Tower Lodge both located in Barry’s Bay.

Please contact the Clinic with any inquiries or to schedule an appointment.

Other topics that may be addressed on an individualized basis include diet counseling, tobacco cessation, gum disease, periodontitis, or need for referral to a dentist or specialist.